Universal Hydraulik is your partner

Whatever your plans and projects, whether it be mining to extract raw materials, tunneling, or extending pits, Universal Hydraulik is aware of the requirements in your industry and can supply tailor-made cooling systems for your plants and vehicles.

We know the demands.

The heat exchangers developed by Universal Hydraulik can adapt to the harsh service conditions below ground. We provide special materials, coatings, certificates of acceptance for your working conditions, and particularly robust products.

  • Conveyor systems
  • Railway vehicles
  • Drilling apparatus
  • Underground transport vehicles

Products & Solutions:
LKI, Oil-Air Coolers (mobile applications), Hybrid Heat Exchanger, Special Solutions, Hydraulic Solutions


Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Street: Siemensstr.33

City: 61267 Neu-Anspach

Phone: +49(0)6081-94180



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